Grandson of Azmaria and Joshua
Professor is a grandson of Joshua Christopher and Azmaria Hendric.

He is first introduced in the last volume when his foundation, the Hendric Foundation, discovers Satella and Fiore's crystallized bodies washed up on a beach. He and his foundation try, without success, to undo the crystallization. A few years later, Satella was found, wounded and the crystalization undone. Fiore was nowhere to be found and had supposedly fled before Satella was discovered alive.

Hendric is the one who breaks it to Satella that decades have passed since she and Fiore were crystalized. He shows Satella a film narrated by his elderly grandmother, Azmaria, explaining all that has happened after Aion was defeated including the death of Rosette and the life that followed. He reveals to Satella that Azmaria had died just a few years before she had awoken from her crystallized coma.

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