Chrono Crusade Episode 01
Sister Rosette
Name in Japanese シスターロゼット
Rōmaji Translation Shisutā Rozetto
Release Date November 25, 2003
Production Staff
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Next Chrono Crusade Episode 02

"Pilot" (Sister Rosette) (シスターロゼット Shisutā Rozetto?) is the first episode of the 2003 anime series Chrono Crusade. The episode was first aired on November 25, 2003 in Japan, and February 17, 2006 in America.


Rosette Christopher, an elite exorcist of the Order of Magdalene, is partnered by contract with Chrono. When the two hunt down a menacing Demon in an abandoned restaurant, the building is consequently destroyed. Sister Kate Valentine becomes disappointed in Rosette, while Father Ewan Remington raises concern for Chrono. Elder Edward Hamilton patents a bullet called the "Gospel" as an experiment. Rosette and Chrono are sent to destroy a gigantic Devil on a cruise ship. Chrono gives Rosette the Gospel, successfully annihilating the Devil, but damaging the ship in the process.






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